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Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Giving Birth

Giving Birth

So often the answer for unsettled Babies.

Giving birth is an awesome but also arduous experience as every mum will be able to vouch for!!

But how does it really feel for your baby? Apparently birth is one of the most stressful events in our lives!!

Fortunately we have no conscious recall of our birth!

It is really amazing how the baby twists through the birth canal propelled by the muscular power of the uterus in labour, the soft cartilaginous bones of the skull cleverly overlapping to allow the baby’s head to squeeze through the birth canal! There is no doubt that the process puts great strain on the baby and often this is quite visible in the misshapen heads and bruises in newborns, particularly following Forceps and Ventousse deliveries.

Many babies cope well and the head returns to its normal shape without any symptoms within a few days.

Some babies are not quite so lucky and suffer retained moulding, also known as Plagiocephaly or Brachycephaly and may display a variety of consequent problems.

Crying irritable Baby

The trauma of birth can make a baby feel restless and insecure. Baby wants to be held all the time. The Reason can be pressure in the head making lying down uncomfortable..

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Sickness Colic Wind

Symptoms of Colic are crying for hours in the late afternoon to evening and often pulling up knees to the chest in pain.

This can be very distressing for young parents as nothing seems to help. The symptoms usually spontaneously disappear at 14-16 weeks as the baby’s intestines mature.

The Reason: In many cases the discomfort stems from compression and irritation of the 10th cranial nerve, known as the Vagus which supplies the stomach. This nerve exits the base of the skull via the jugular foramen, which during birth can become misshapen.

Sleep Disturbances

Baby only sleeps for short periods and wakes at the slightest noise.

The Reason : tension in the membraneous casing of the brain keeping the baby in a constantly alert state.

The Treatment

Cranial Osteopathy restores normal flexibility and relaxes deep tension throughout the whole body, including the head. Cranial Osteopaths are trained to feel a very subtle rhythmical shape change that is present in all body tissues. This is called the Involuntary Motion or Cranial Rhythm.

Tension in the body disrupts the Cranial Rhythm.

During treatment tension is released from joints, membranes and soft tissues allowing the baby’s own healing mechanism to effect improved circulation, a burst of energy and consequent relaxation. Quite often a remarkable change is noticeable even after one treatment.

Most babies are very happy to receive this treatment and often fall asleep. To illustrate how incredibly gentle this treatment is, I recall a baby girl I treated in Thundersley ,who was only a few days old and had a had a traumatic birth. On the two occasions I saw her she slept soundly throughout the treatment, but the parents reported a vast improvement in her temperament and feeding!

And every mum will agree when the baby smiles at you, its all worth it !!!

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Private Health Insurance

Please note that we need 24 hours notice if you cannot make an appointment or the full fee may be charged. Please remember that you are directly responsible for the cost of your treatment on the day, this can then be claimed back through your private insurance. A receipt will be provided as proof of your payment which you can then produce to your insurance company. However please remember there may be an excess on your policy.
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