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Arthritis Treatment in Leigh On Sea

Fast And Effective Treatment of Arthritis
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Common causes of Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic condition characterised by inflammation and stiffness in the joints, which can result in pain, swelling, and difficulty with movement.

  • Age: As we age, our joints become more prone to wear and tear, making us more susceptible to arthritis.
  • Genetics: Some forms of arthritis have a genetic component, meaning it can run in families.
  • Previous joint injuries or infections: Injuries or infections in the joints can increase the risk of developing arthritis.
  • Autoimmune disorders: Certain autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can cause inflammation and damage to the joints.
  • Obesity: Carrying excess weight puts added stress on joints, increasing the likelihood of developing arthritis.
  • Occupation or sports activities: Jobs or sports that involve repetitive joint movements or high impact on joints can lead to arthritis.
  • Gender: Certain types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are more common in women than men. 

Osteopath Reviews

Feelgood Factor OsteopathsFeelgood Factor Osteopaths5.0 Based on 25 reviews from review us onIrene BrankinIrene Brankin ★★★★★ Silke is an all-rounder - trained expert, always goes the extra mile, has warm empathy and gives concrete advice. I have total trust in her whenever I have sessions.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her treatments.liz coombsliz coombs ★★★★★ I have been a patient of Silke for many years, she is extremely attentive and attuned to her patients' needs and and a session with her always leaves me feeling relaxed and renewed. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.courtney smithcourtney smith ★★★★★ Silke has treated my 7 month old daughter and myself. Silke was very calming and helped my daughter relax, making her feel in safe hands. Silke worked her magic and balanced my pelvis, that I did not realise was unbalanced but has made such a difference since and helped increase movement on my wrist which was restricted for months. All in one session! Silke has healing hands.Miss TrikiMiss Triki ★★★★★ I came to Silke with reccuring lower back pain that prevented me from moving correctly. Silke listens, ask questions, engage in a conversation as to better understand symptoms. Very knowledgeable and experieinced, her approach is holistic and she makes you feel comfortable immediately. Her creativity and other passions such as painting is a welcome plus and creates a relaxing environment.Mark TaylorMark Taylor ★★★★★ Silke is always very welcoming, and puts you at ease straight away, because you know you're in good hands.I have been a client for a few years now, and have always returned to good health, because of her talents.Sharon FurneSharon Furne ★★★★★ i have been going to silke for 37 years as have 2 crushed discs in lower spine which i used to have problems with.since having regular treatments bowen and osteopathy i can do everything i want to and feel much more relaxed every visitsilke is very gentle and kind in her work and makes you feel better every timePaul GPaul G ★★★★★ Finding Silke was a stroke of serendipity that has profoundly impacted my well-being. Having struggled with persistent lower back pain, I sought out Silke's services, and it's been a game-changer. Her approach is nothing short of exceptional; each session is imbued with a sense of purpose and skill that sets her apart in her field.What truly sets Silke apart is her ability to seamlessly blend her therapeutic talents with a soothing energy that creates a truly healing environment. It's evident that she not only possesses a deep understanding of the body but also a profound intuition that guides her practice.Beyond her proficiency in osteopathy, Silke is also a gifted artist, adding an extra dimension of creativity and warmth to her practice. This unique combination of talents speaks volumes about her dedication to holistic healing.Silke's expertise, intuition, and nurturing demeanor make her a standout in her field. If you're seeking more than just a temporary solution to your ailments, I wholeheartedly recommend Silke's services.Vicki BallVicki Ball ★★★★★ Silke is an amazing and knowledgeable osteopath. I suffered a very painful injury May 2023 and she put the right advice and treatment in place to help my recovery and get me back on my feet! I still see Silke on a regular basis. Would highly recommend!Julie GrovesJulie Groves ★★★★★ I can and have numerous times, highly recommend Silke of Feelgood Factor Osteopaths.I have previously been to see other osteopaths for many years however, were unsuccessful in managing my complex conditions.Silke goes above and beyond, and is very in tune, a natural. Always furthering her knowledge of the body, how it works and how better can she improve her patients quality of living.It is ten years now and I have not looked back since seeing Silke. The gentleness of cranial sacral and Bowen treatments have worked so well for me and my very sensitive body.Sally Anne DawsonSally Anne Dawson ★★★★★ I have just got home from an hour treatment with Silke at Feelgood Factor Osteopath. If you suffer from headaches, migraines you need to go to Feelgood Factor for cranial therapy. If you suffer from aches and pains anywhere on your body you need to go to Feelgood Factor for Bowen treatment or regular osteopathic treatment. If you suffer from tense muscles and tension anywhere in your body you need to go to Feelgood Factor. From the time you walk into the room you cannot help but feel better, the room is filled with art work by Silke, no bright lighting or stark white clinic style walls, it is warm, inviting and calming just like Silke. Try it you won't be disappointed. The name is perfect and Silke is fabulous. So much interest in how you are and feel and she imparts so much knowledge so you can help yourself too. I have been a client of Silke over many years for different conditions and had many different treatments, Feelgood Factor is well worth a visit. Instead of popping more painkillers pop to Silke at Feelgood Factor it is sooooo worth it. Thank you Silke I always come out feeling taller, more relaxed and free of tension. SallyJenny SheernJenny Sheern ★★★★★ I have been going to The Feelgood Factor Osteopaths for several years now, receiving treatment for an ongoing back and neck problem as well as addressing my bad posture. The treatment I have received from Silke has been very beneficial and I have more Freedom of movement. I have always found Silke friendly and approachable, Often giving extra advice on diet and alternative therapies. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.frances davisfrances davis ★★★★★ When I first went to Silke I was on the list for facet joint injections at the hospital for a painful back. I withdrew from that list because Silke enabled me to be pain free & has maintained that for the last 3 years.She gives thorough personalised targeted treatment & is always welcoming & shares her knowledge & research. Her approach is professional & her treatment room warm, relaxing & comfortable.jane jonesjane jones ★★★★★ Silke exudes warmth, knowledge and experience- putting both my 9 year old daughter and myself immediately at ease in her cosy, art filled cabin. Iris said “Silke makes you feel comforted and warm in your heart” and we both came away from Iris’ therapy feeling calm and relaxed 😌.Amy DawsonAmy Dawson ★★★★★ I cannot rate this clinic enough. Silke provides an absolutely fantastic service. Very warm, welcoming and comfortable and the treatment is amazing. I highly recommend. Thank you Silke! XAC MILLBANKAC MILLBANK ★★★★★ I have been receiving treatment with Silke at Feelgood Factor since last year. Silke is extremely good at her job, very knowledgeable and experienced. A top professional who absolutely understands her patients’s needs and treats them with utmost care, attention and kindness. I am very happy to recommend Silke to my family and friends.Shirley SmithShirley Smith ★★★★★ I have known Silke for some years and always found her very professional and kind. I have had treatment for Tennis Elbow and recently for Shoulder Capsulitis, both successful. Highly recommend.Lesley BarracloughLesley Barraclough ★★★★★ I have been seeing Silke for many years now. She is always warm, friendly and kind and makes me feel better after each visit. I highly recommend Silke if you have any issues with your back or any other part of your body.Eve GilmoreEve Gilmore ★★★★★ Having a treatment from Silke is an absolute joy . Her extensive experience, combined with her intuitive reading of what the body needs, makes her a gentle but effective practitioner. She respects the wisdom of the body and knows how to tap into its innate ability to heal without pushing or forcing. As a naturopath, she is also able to advise on exercise, diet and lifestyle to support her treatments. She truly has healing hands. As an artist, her clinic is full of beautiful paintings which makes for an uplifting and peaceful therapy space.Eve GilmoreNaturopath, Nutritionist, Homeopath.Susan JonesSusan Jones ★★★★★ I love Silka who I have been some 40 years and highly recommend her to anyone with a twinge or more serious bodily issues.She goes above and beyond, even treating my mum in the garden once cause she wouldn’t go into the therapy room.Gayner WalkerGayner Walker ★★★★★ I have been seeing Silke for many years on and off for my lower back and I can not thank her enough for how much she has helped me. I always find Silke to be warm and friendly and she has a wealth of knowledge. The techniques she uses are very gentle and I always leave feeling very relaxed and with a sense of calm.Zoe KouspetrisZoe Kouspetris ★★★★★ I have been a client of Silke for a few years now. She takes great care in her treatments and listens to what my body needs, adjusting her techniques accordingly. I highly recommend both her and the clinic itself. Located at the end of her garden. With a fully heated/air conditioned clinic, it’s a relaxing getaway. Tranquil music…artwork to view…heated table…cosy blanket….fabulous conversation and a great service. I leave feeling a little Knightjo Knight ★★★★★ Hello Silke just wanted to say I felt wonderful after my treatment yesterday, I was feeling very down tearful for a couple of days but feel so much better. Thank you so much. Enjoy your weekend, Jo xxMatthew BarrettMatthew Barrett ★★★★★ I suffered with unbearable facial pain for almost 4 years, I tried everything but nothing helped me and I was finding life hard with 2 small children. After a few sessions with Silke I was managing the pain and now after about 6 months the pain is almost non-existent. I couldn’t recommend Silke enough, what she has done for me is beyond amazing 😊Kate BarrettNick GilbertNick Gilbert ★★★★★ I have just completed a series of treatments with Silke to remedy a stiff and sore lower back that was preventing me from sitting or laying down comfortably!It’s very clever what Silke does as she doesn’t crack your back but instead the type of osteopathy she performs (cranio-sacral) involves applying gentle pressure to your head, neck and back - and somehow it just works!After 1 treatment the change in my movement was amazing and further treatments have further mobilised my lower back - I have told her she has magic in her hands!Silke is highly recommended by me for anyone looking for an Osteopath to solve a niggling back issue.Irene BrankinIrene Brankin ★★★★★ I would definitely recommend making an appointment with Silke Ukena. She has different treatments to suit your needs whilst bringing a warm, caring and professional approach to her work. Silke explains what would be the best treatment for you and also suggests anything you can do to support yourself in between sessions.Irene BrankinChartered Counselling Psychologistjs_loader
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Arthritis treatment explained

At Feel Good Factor Osteopath, we offer a holistic approach to treating arthritis at our Leigh On Sea clinic. Our trained osteopaths use gentle manual techniques to improve joint mobility and reduce pain and stiffness. These techniques aim to restore balance and alignment in the body, which can alleviate pressure on affected joints.

Frequently Asked Questions on How Osteopathy Treats Arthritis

question-filled What is osteopathy and how does it help with treating arthritis?

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, including the joints, muscles, and spine. By using gentle techniques such as stretching, massage, and manipulation, osteopaths aim to improve joint mobility and reduce pain associated with arthritis.

question-filled Is osteopathy safe for treating arthritis?

Yes, osteopathy is generally considered safe for those with arthritis. Our trained osteopaths use gentle techniques that are tailored to each individual's specific needs and condition.

question-filled How long does it take to see results from osteopathic treatment for arthritis?

The length of time it takes to see results can vary depending on the severity of the arthritis and individual response to treatment. However, many of our patients report feeling better within a few weeks to months.

question-filled Is osteopathy a long-term solution for treating arthritis?

Osteopathic treatment can provide short-term relief from symptoms, but it is also important to make lifestyle changes and continue with maintenance appointments to prevent further joint damage and manage symptoms in the long term.

question-filled Can osteopathy be used alongside other forms of treatment for arthritis?

Yes, osteopathy can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment for arthritis, such as medication and physical therapy.

Private Health Insurance

Please note that we need 24 hours notice if you cannot make an appointment or the full fee may be charged. Please remember that you are directly responsible for the cost of your treatment on the day, this can then be claimed back through your private insurance. A receipt will be provided as proof of your payment which you can then produce to your insurance company. However please remember there may be an excess on your policy.
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